Successful Property Investment comes down to doing the right things

When it comes to successful property investment, often it has very little to do with the property that a person selects.

I have found that “successful people” usually become the most successful property investors.  Having the right mind set is  vital to leading a successful life as well as building a larger property portfolio.

Data from the Australian Tax Office shows that more than 1.2 million people own an investment property, (thats great that so many Australians have property Investments), but the number of investors who own five properties drops dramatically to less than 14,000 (surprisingly low number) and only a few own more than 50 investments.

What are the attributes that help these rare few become such successful property investors.

Successful property investment

So what are the differences between successful and unsuccessful people?

Unsuccessful people tend to:

  • Criticise others.
  • Exude anger and a sense of entitlement.
  • Blame others for their failing.
  • Fear change.
  • Hold grudges.

These seem pretty obvious; you’re not going to get very far if you’re too busy putting energy into disliking those around you. It’s the qualities of the successful person I find most interesting:

  • They compliment, forgive and give credit to others.
  • They share information and ideas with those around them.
  • They embrace change and continuously learn.

These qualities are entirely different from many people ideas of successful people! But there we have it, being nice, kind, and exuding joy and positivity will lead to a more successful life, and may just lead to more successful property investment.


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