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How the government will help to pay for your Investment Property


Whether you are an existing Property Investor or considering taking the step into Investment Property ownership, one of the major concerns faced is how to meet the loan repayments.

Obviously the property will be tenanted with a market rent being collected every week or fortnight.  If this rent is greater than the loan repayments then this Read more

Tax Benefits of Investment Property – Part 1

Are You Missing Out On $1,000’s of Dollars???

You may have owned an investment property for some time, but have you made sure that you have maximised the potential of your investment? Have you claimed all of the tax benefits of Investment Property that you are entitled to?  This means not only achieving a market rent and consistent income flow by securing an excellent tenant but also other factors that you may not have considered. Read more

When to Buy an Investment Property

Understanding Property Market Cycles is important for anyone wanting to be successful as a property investor.  Market cycles can help us to understand which property markets will be moving upwards and when.  They are not an exact science though and sometimes can give off false signals about tops and bottoms of the cycle.

When to buy an Investment Property is nowhere near as important as actually buying a property, a trap some investors fall into is waiting for the market to fall so they can grab a bargain.  This can lead to a type of investment paralysis, where fear of not getting it perfectly right prevents any decisions from being made. Read more