Our Property Investment Process

Whether you are looking to get started and learn how to invest in Property, or you are wanting to build a property portfolio.  Buying an Investment Property can be an unnerving experience but with the correct guidance and professional assistance you can quickly be enjoying the benefits of being a Property Investor.  When it comes to investing in Property it is important to follow the right steps.

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Step 1: Make an appointment

Some times the first step is the hardest.  Now that you are on your way, you will not believe how simple and pain free the Success In Property team make the whole process.

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Step 2: Goal Discovery Meeting

The first appointment is an opportunity to get to know each other, and for the Success in Property Consultant to learn as much about you as possible.  We will begin to discuss your goals and objectives, as well as a realistic pathway and time-frame for reaching them. We aim to give you the confidence that you can achieve your financial goals.

Some examples, of objectives that you may want to achieve could include, finding ways to reduce your tax, or build your portfolio more actively begin or establish your transition to a retirement income stream, or simply find a way to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible. We can help you achieve these goals, and many more, by providing a detailed road map to protect and secure your future.

This initial meeting is obligation free.  Once you and your Success in Property consultant have decided that you wish to continue an ongoing working arrangement, we will begin to construct your “Success In Property Plan” by aligning your finances with your lifestyle goals and objectives.

Step 3: Success in Property Plan presentation

Once your “Success In Property Plan” has been completed, we will arrange a meeting to take you through our recommendations in a relaxed, low-pressure environment. Our aim is to explain what can be complex concepts and industry jargon in plain English so that you can fully understand the options open to you.

We will step through the list of recommendations in your “Success In Property Plan”, and explain our reasons for making each one and the impact it will have on your financial situation. Each recommendation will be carefully justified, and we may also offer alternatives.

If we found a property that is exactly what you are looking for, this second appointment is when you get to see it. We won’t show you a property unless it exactly matches what you want. If we don’t identify an exact match, we will keep looking until we do.

All our recommendations are transparent, straightforward, and easy to understand. We like to recommend you invest your money the way we would invest our own.

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Step 4: Evaluation of the Recommendations

Now that your “Success In Property Plan” has been presented, we recommend you take some time to study our recommendations at your own pace.  This will help you to carefully consider all of the recommendations and to note any questions that you may have, for our next appointment.

Step 5: Implementation of Your Plan

Once you feel comfortable with the advice and the information contained in your “Success In Property Plan”, it’s time to get going.  Now is the fun stage where you get to select the ideal Investment Property for your needs.  The Success In Property team of experts will arrange the rest of the process with you.  this is when you start the process of Investing in Property.

We can arrange site and property inspections and ensure that the contract process is completed. We can also assist with Finance, insurance applications and liaise with your solicitor or accountant, to name just a few of the tasks we undertake.

Depending on the complexity of your situation, implementation can take from a few weeks to several months. We will keep you up to date throughout, and have a detailed and active workflow process that is designed to ensure nothing slips through the cracks, so you don’t have to worry.

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Step 6: Ongoing review and portfolio management

Life is constantly changing, and so are the laws and regulations that may affect your Property Investment Portfolio. Once our recommendations have been implemented, we recommend that we meet regularly to monitor your finances so that they stay on track, and will continue to help you work towards your financial goals.

Typically, your adviser will need to meet with you every 12 to 18 months, or at an interval convenient to you.  In addition to these face-to-face meetings, you are encouraged to call or email us with any queries regarding your financial decisions or situation.

We will also keep you informed of new strategies and opportunities, industry developments, legislative changes and economic news through our “Client Success Program.”  Our unique and specialised Property Investment service provides you with peace of mind on your investment portfolios, superannuation and tax matters.

Our service is based on developing a quality  ongoing relationship so that we can add genuine value to your changing situation, whatever the circumstances. This gives us the professional satisfaction of a job well done, and gives you the confidence and peace of mind that you are supported, every step of the way, by expert staff whose sole purpose is to help you secure your financial future.

Your future is waiting

It’s exciting starting any journey – and this is one of the most important you will make in your lifetime. Property Investing is about managing the ‘now’ while you plan for the future. With a fully tailored Property Investment plan created for you by your Success In Property consultant, this could help you achieve whatever it is you want from life.

So take the next step and arrange an appointment today!