Is there still a housing shortage in Australia?

The national shortage of housing in Australia is nearly 250,000 dwellings, lower than previously estimated, but still a long way from being in structural surplus, according to ANZ Research’s latest Economic Insight.


The study forecasts that housing construction and underlying housing demand will see a modest unwinding of the current housing shortage in coming years. This easing will, however, challenge the short-term support to dwelling sales and price growth from the underlying supply-demand imbalance in some markets.

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Australia’s wealthiest ploughing cash into property

As Australians we love the property market. It seems that our wealthiest residents already have a thirst for good property. The Asia-Pacific Wealth Report released recently reveals that Australian millionaires invest more in property compared to those from anywhere else in the world.  Maybe that is why they are wealthy. Read more

How a budget can help make you Rich!

When it comes to taking control of your personal finances, the sad reality is, most people prefer to bury their head in the sand.

In fact, in a recent survey of thousands of property investors about budgeting, 54% said they had no budget at all. Imagine that – more than one in two do not monitor their spending! Read more

Australian House Prices Rise Amongst Worlds Fastest

Australian House Prices have increased rapidly. This is based on the reports shown by CBRE.

Over a 30-year period, prices in Australia have increased 221.4%; UK prices rose 231.9%.

houses australiaIn contrast the US market has seen price rises of just 53.2%; Read more

Which Capital City You Should Invest In 2015

The real estate markets in Melbourne and Sydney have seen a great difference and growth during the past 18 months, as 2015 may be the year to shine.

So as 2014 comes to an end it is a good time to ask the question “Which Capital City you should invest in 2015″ Read more

Broke Retirees have taken over the Australian Caravan Parks

John Purnell, 75, and his wife Patricia, 72, moved into a factory-built house in a converted caravan park west of Sydney this year, eschewing traditional retirement communities and other homes in the area.  So now broke retirees have taken over the Australian Caravan Parks. Read more

Brisbane Property Cycle – The Seven Factors Behind The Upcoming Growth

brisbane property cycleThe Brisbane Property Cycle has received a lot of attention recently. Part of this is because Brisbane is just at the beginning of its growth cycle. The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) Housing Market Review for the June quarter has depicted a blossoming Queensland property market powered by strong growth in the states capital, Brisbane. Read more

Ten Rules for True Wealth Building

What do you need to do in order to be rich and successful? Is working hard on a daily basis enough? What else can we do to live a wealthy life?

Everyone wants to be wealthy, but not everyone know how to be. Some of us may be eager to work hard everyday, yet we still do not get our level of desired wealth. Financial Independence is about money, but have you ever considered what “true wealth” is.  That is living a wealthy life.

There is a massive distinction between being rich and miserable and not so financially strong yet being happy. Read more

Successful Property Investment comes down to doing the right things

When it comes to successful property investment, often it has very little to do with the property that a person selects.

I have found that “successful people” usually become the most successful property investors.  Having the right mind set is  vital to leading a successful life as well as building a larger property portfolio.

Data from the Australian Tax Office shows that more than 1.2 million people own an investment property, (thats great that so Read more

How the government will help to pay for your Investment Property


Whether you are an existing Property Investor or considering taking the step into Investment Property ownership, one of the major concerns faced is how to meet the loan repayments.

Obviously the property will be tenanted with a market rent being collected every week or fortnight.  If this rent is greater than the loan repayments then this Read more