Tips for Buying Property with a SMSF

With investment returns in Superannuation being quite disappointing over the past few years, many Australians are looking to take control of their Investments via a self managed super fund (SMSF).  So before you jump into this space here are a few Tips for Buying Property with a SMSF. 

 On average, a property held within Super for 20 years will be 35% more profitable than one held in your own name 

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The top 6 Major Risks Australian Property Investors face.

Like any investment there is no return without accepting a level of risk.  The most successful investors are those that are able to recognise risks and reduce the effects of these risk before they invest.  They are playing the investment game with the deck stacked in their favour.

Property Investment is the same.  There are risks that every investor should be aware of , so that their effects can be mitigated or reduced.  Lets start with the bigger, harder to mitigate risks. Read more