Sunny outlook for Queensland jobs market

THE good news, if you live or invest in Queensland, is that the Sunshine State is creating jobs once again.

And that means a sunnier outlook for Queensland’s housing sector. Read more

Why 2014 is the time to Invest into Property in SE Queensland

If you have been invested in the Property Market in SE Queensland over the past 7 years you may have been disappointed with your results.

If fact the SE Queensland property market has been a terrible place to have been invested as property prices have remained flat or even gone down a little in some cases. Read more

Australia 2101 Population Growth: 70 million people?

This is a really useful explanation of the latest economic data including the projected growth in the Australian population over the next 90 years. Craig James is the Chief Economist at CommSec and this is his interpretation of recent announcements.

Economic and financial market developments Read more