How to avoid the Two Largest Mistakes Made by Property Investors

Avoiding Mistakes Before you Buy

There is an old adage in Real Estate Circles that implies “As safe as Bricks and Mortar.”  Is Property Investment really as safe as the saying would have us Believe?

Well the answer lies within the clues that history provides us with.

These clues and the interpretation of these clues allow us to draw conclusions regarding why property investors succeed and indeed why property investors fail.


We’ve all heard of someone who owned a property for a lengthy period of time and in fact didn’t seem to make much money from it, if anything at all.  That situation, may in fact be related to an experience that you have had personally.  Why can someone own a property for say 7 years and in effect not make any or substantial profits?  In fact the reality is that national statistics suggest that between 50% and 60% of all property investors have either experienced this or will experience an inverse relationship between expectations and results into the future.  Quite alarming, when we are talking about one of the major asset classes available to everyday Australians, forever tagged with “As safe as bricks and mortar”

The reality whilst confronting is in effect very much avoidable.

Unfortunately in many cases, properties are bought and properties are sold without a sound basis of knowledge.  The knowledge required, which in a lot of cases can determine success from failure based on its utilisation.

Within the context of the free presentation “How to Avoid the Two Largest Mistakes made by Property Investors”, you will be stepped through why these mistakes are made and indeed how to avoid them.

From the historical clues, to the technicalities and psychologies behind investor decisions, this presentation will allow you to understand the key fundamentals to property investment and give you the most valuable of insights when it comes to either your first investment property or the continuation of your portfolio.  Presenter, Craig Whaley who has over 22 years experience as a Property Investment Consultant takes you through this information in a clear, logical manner with an emphasis on education and understanding.

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 How to avoid mistakes in property investment

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  1. pamela.turner says:

    Sometimes the more we want to avoid having mistake the more closer we are to this. that is why the correct information in the real estate investment should be well planned. investment here is not a small money that is why the more we need to be careful.


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